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KEETSA Eco-Friendly Mattresses we desing and make our own mattress

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KEETSA Eco-Friendly Mattresses we desing and make our own mattress

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    1. CertiPUR-US


      Keetsa mattresses contain CertiPUR-US® approved viscoelastic memory foam that has been tested for durability, performance, and content. CertiPUR-US® is a voluntary testing, analysis and certification program developed to test for durability, content and indoor emissions. CertiPUR-US® is an extension of the European CertiPUR program developed in 2002 by EUROPUR, the association of European flexible polyurethane foam block manufacturers.

    2. KEETSA Bio Memory Foam


      Memory foam is renowned for its durability and comfort. Yet, most memory foam is made with 100% petroleum oil. Keetsa has innovated Bio-foam™, a new type of memory foam that replaces a portion, 12%, of the petroleum oil with castor bean oil, a plant oil. This accounts for less dependency on the oil industry. Why just 12%? Replacing more than 12% of the petroleum with plant oil will risk compromising the quality and durability of the foam. We are continuing the development process to increase the portion of plant oil, so we can depend less and less on petroleum in producing our foam.

    3. KEETSA Evergreen Foam Green Tea Extract


      Green Tea is increasingly recognized for its calming effect and for its powerful anti-oxidant. We utilize this powerful anti-oxidant in the form of Green Tea Extract mixed into the Bio-Foam formula to help ensure that our sleep products will maintain their freshness for longer period of time without using chemical deodorizers or treatments.



    1. Organic Cotton

      Most cotton fabrics are bleached or dyed to achieve a more pleasing appearance. But the bleaching process exposes the materials to chemicals.

      By using unbleached and uncolored cotton fabric, we are lessening the exposure to chemicals used in the bleaching process.

      Our organic cotton covers are made with certified organic cotton and are available on The Keetsa line.


    2. Hemp Fabric

      The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. Examples for items eligible for certification: Raw and dyed/finished yarns, raw and dyed/finished fabrics and knits, ready-made articles (all types of clothing, domestic and household textiles, bed linen, terry cloth items, textile toys and more).

      Our Hemp blend fabric is Oeko- Tex Standard 100 certified, and is available on The Tea Leaf line.

      Our Hemp blend fabric uses 12% Hemp, 28% Cotton and 60% Polyester. Hemp is smooth, soft and durable and is the most powerful humidity absorbing and ventilating natural fiber. While being natural and sustainable, Hemp is unfortunately not durable enough by itself, so we have blended it with Cotton and Polyester to create a cover that is less dependent on the oil industry and will still be durable enough to carry the Keetsa name.


      Download Certification

      Hemp Fabric Certification by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

    3. Bluesign® Approved

      Keetsa products use Bluesign® approved fiber padding layers and fillings.

      The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.


      More about Bluesign®

      Bluesign® Official Website

      Bluesign® & Patagonia



    1. CFR1633 OEKO-TEX Standard 100

      Mattress Fire Barrier

      Federal Regulations require all mattresses to comply with the standard of fire compliance, 16CFR1633. We use a fire barrier that is made with 100% cotton fabric treated with PBDE free fire retardant agents. This fire barrier has been tested to contain no harmful substances. The testing has been done at SGS, which is internationally renowned laboratory for consumer product safety testing.


      Download Certification

      SGS International laboratory.
      See Fire Barrier SGS test document.

    2. KEETSA Mattress In A Box

      Our Packaging

      Because our mattresses are so durable and well designed, we are able to compress them in a box that reduces the package volume by 75%. Reduced volume allows the mattress to be taken in the trunk or back seat of a standard vehicle. We can also transport the mattresses to anywhere in the country using Fedex, which means no Keetsa delivery trucks!

      Not just any mattress can be compressed! Keetsa uses a Patent-Pending process that allows all of our mattresses to come in a highly efficient package. We've tested many of the major competitive brands and they cannot stand up to this new technology. Only high quality components can be compressed and come back to their original shape. Keetsa has perfected this efficient process for all our mattresses and sleep products. Because our mattresses are so durable and well designed, we are able to compress them in a box,which accounts for reduced shipping costs, smaller carbon footprint and no delivery trucks.

    3. KEETSA Mattress Best Quality

      The Support Systems

      Keetsa mattresses are self supportive.

      They do not require traditional box springs to give the proper support, as long as the mattresses are placed on a flat, stable surfaced foundation or bed frame.
      Also, we believe box springs are another form of waste for the environment. By having a firm and supportive base for the mattress, we have reduced the mattress waste to half, not to mention the reduced price.


      Re+duce. Re+cycle. Re+purpose. Re+think.



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        1. KEETSA San Francisco Green Business Certification

          San Francisco Green Business mission is to help San Francisco businesses adopt environmental practices that are sustainable as well as profitable. We achieve our mission by setting stringent criteria, providing technical assistance, and publicly recognizing and promoting Green Businesses with a seal that enables customers to shop in keeping with their values.

        2. KEETSA San Francisco Green Business Certification

          Our partnership of local environmental agencies and utilities assists, offers incentives, and verifies that participating businesses conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints. Businesses that meet our standards are officially recognized as both Bay Area and California Green Businesses.

        3. KEETSA San Francisco Green Business Certification

          As the lead agency for the City's environmental programs and initiatives, LA Sanitation protects public health and the environment through the administration and management of three major program areas: Clean Water (Wastewater), Solid Resources (Solid Waste Management) and Watershed Protection (Stormwater).