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Keetsa Green Factor

Each of our mattresses have a numeric rating called the “Keetsa Quotient™”. This is a composite score of how much each product contains a green-factor ingredient: use of recycled material or recyclable materials, use of sustainable materials such as bamboo or unbleached cotton. Some products have higher scores because we try to deliver as much of a green-factor as we can while still delivering high levels of comfort. We are constantly seeking to make products with higher and higher Keetsa Quotient scores.

- Recycled materials in Keetsa products:
Steel (coil and bed frames), Base foam layer, carton boxes.

- Recyclable materials in Keetsa products:
Foam, fiber, steel (coil and bed frames), carton boxes.

- Sustainable materials in Keetsa products:
cotton fabric, bamboo blend fabric.

Measure guidance for Keetsa Quotient™ :

Keetsa Quotient™