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How long do I need to wait for the mattress to recover, after it is unpacked?

When the sealed bag is opened, the mattress will rise up quickly. Upon opening, the mattress will recover 80~90% and the rest will take about 1~3 days to rise up completely. However, you can still use the mattress right away. You will also notice some wrinkles and round corners, which will go away after few days.

Download mattress care instruction here.

When I open up the mattress, I can smell a scent. What is this scent and is this normal?

Keetsa strives to make each of our products as comfortable and eco-friendly as possible. In an effort to do so, we utilize natural elements, such as castor oil, extract of green tea, hemp and untreated cotton. Due to the nature of these natural elements, each Keetsa product is unique and thus it is impossible to control the extent of the unique, natural scent of our products. And while each product has a unique scent, it is completely harmless and will dissipate in strength over the course of a few days from removal of its packaging. If your Keetsa product has a strong scent, it is recommended that you remove any outer bedding or covering and allow it to air out, and provide adequate ventilation where possible.

Can we put the used Keetsa mattresses back into the box?

Keetsa mattresses are not recompressable. Once it is out of the box, there is no way (currently) to put it back into the box. We are hoping to develop a new technology for this!

What kind of mattresses do you recommend for people who want soft feel?

The level of softness and firmness a person feels are all different. But we suggest The Keetsa Pillow Soft, Tea Leaf Supreme and Tea Leaf Dream for customers who like a softer mattress.

What kind of mattresses do you recommend for people who want a firm feel?

We recommend The Keetsa Plus, The Keetsa Cloud and Tea Leaf Classic to those who want firm mattresses. These mattresses are firm, but still conform around your body's curves to give comfortable support.

Are there more ‘Green’, sustainable products coming?

Absolutely. We are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with the most earth-friendly sleep solutions. Our Research and Development teams are actively testing new ingredients and materials that will increase the portion of green ingredients in our products. Several items are already being tested, so be on the lookout.

How can you offer FREE SHIPPING on such large mattresses?

First of all, part of what makes us more eco-friendly is the fact that we use compression technology to make our mattresses fit in to Fedex approved shipping boxes. So, it’s a whole lot easier to ship our mattresses to customers than traditional mattress stores. Since our products can be shipped via Fedex, there is a smaller carbon footprint associated with our deliveries compared to special deliveries of traditional mattresses.

Secondly, all of us here at Keetsa share two common traits: we are advocates of sustainability AND we value a great night’s sleep. Providing FREE SHIPPING is just another way to get people to act sooner to replace the old, worn-out mattress they sleep on now, with a brand new Keetsa mattress.

How do you make your products fire safe?

To comply to Federal Fire Regulations, we use a fire barrier that has been safety tested and PBDE free.

Your beds are compressed into a box. Doesn't that damage them?

On the contrary, it is a real testament to the design and durability of our product. We have subjected some of our competitors mattresses to the same process and they do not endure the process. Our beds are so durable they are able to withstand the pressure and manipulation of the packaging process and spring up to provide a great night's sleep, every time.

What if I am unhappy with my purchase?

Keetsa believes in being known for legendary customer service. All of our employees are highly trained and educated on our products to ensure that we provide you with the best advice in helping you pick your next mattress. However, no matter how hard we try, you may find that you are unhappy with your product or service. Simply contact your Keetsa representative and we will do whatever it takes to make your experience a great one!

I am physically unable to pick up my mattress. Do you have delivery available?

We understand from time to time that some customers may be physically challenged or just simply cannot negotiate the package. We have several options available. Contact the store for details.


What is your return policy?

We strive to provide the most comfortable, durable and affordable sleep products in the market today. Our commitment to you and the environment are the hallmarks of how we do business. Our goal is to make you happy to the best of our ability. We have the following policies in place to ensure a great customer experience:

Comfort issues: We do not offer comfort guarantees. Sleep is a personal process and it sometimes can take up to 30 nights for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Keetsa offers comfort layers to help make your mattress more comfortable. Please see call us at 1.877.753.3872 so our well experienced Sleep Consultants can assist you in any way.

Return issues: There is 25% (of returned product value) processing fee for returns. We strongly recommend to consult our Sleep Consultants before making a decision to return a product. We may have a solution that can help you without having to return the item.

What do I do with my old mattress?

Recycle! Here at the Keetsa website, we’ve listed several recycling vendors for you to contact. If you don’t live near any of these companies, please contact your local waste collection service and ask them if they can recycle your mattress. Many local waste services are getting more and more sophisticated about deconstructing mattresses to salvage recyclable materials and minimize landfill volume. Or, you can investigate donating your mattress to a charitable organization, if they’ll take it. In any event, please, please don’t let your mattress become one of those littered along the highway.

Some mattress retailers offer a ‘free’ service to remove your old mattress after they deliver your new item. We did a spot check on several of these services and learned that most went directly to landfills. Today, mattresses are one of the largest consumer products that clog landfills.

Are there other Keetsa stores (outside of San Francisco)?

Please visit Showroom Locations page for all stores that currently carry Keetsa mattresses. We are working hard to bring Keetsa to all major cities. Please visit us again to see updates on these store lists.

Your sustainability story is really cool. Is there something I can do to spread the word?

Thanks. If you like what you're seeing here, please tell a friend and send them to our website. We figure every product we sell represents a better, more eco-friendly product in the market. Every little bit helps. The other thing you can do is to take our story to heart and make it part of your every day life. Just a few little things can make a big difference and imagine if every one everywhere got on board. If you have enjoyed the service and the quality of the mattress, please express at

You might also consider coming to work for Keetsa! If you’re interested in that, please send us your resume and contact information at:

Are Keetsa mattresses compliant to the new Federal fire-safety regulations that went in to law in 2007?

This is a good question. The answer is: YES. All Keetsa mattresses meet or exceed the new Federal fire-safety regulations, 16 CFR Part 1633. This new consumer protection law went in to place mid-year 2007 to make mattresses more fire safe.

How can you offer a 12 year warranty when you have not been in business for 12 years?

Keetsa wants our customers to have the peace of mind that they are purchasing a high quality, long lasting product . We product test all our products and they are engineered to last. Though our eco-friendly brand is, like the green movement, relatively new, our manufacturer has been manufacturing for major brands around the world. They employ sophisticated machinery and testing methods to ensure product quality and no product is introduced to the public before it has been thoroughly tested and proven. We are a solid company and you can buy with the confidence that Keetsa will be around a very long time.

How are your products natural or organic?

Keetsa mattresses are not organic or 100% natural. Keetsa's mission is to deliver a comfortable, affordable and durable mattress in an eco-friendly manner. Many organic and natural mattresses are either uncomfortable, or not within the price range of many consumers. So, we at Keetsa decided to take the most comfortable and durable material to build the most comfortable and affordable mattress in an eco-friendly way.

Please refer to below link to learn how Keetsa mattresses are eco-friendly.
How is Keetsa Eco-Friendly?

Where are your mattresses manufactured?

We source our mattresses from an exclusive manufacturer in China. Our manufacturer has been producing mattresses for many large, well known companies and is very well respected in the industry and in the country of China. The facility is a ISO 9001 factory, and provides their employees a fair, clean, well-organized and safe work environment and pays a living wage.

You hear a lot about foam density. What does that mean?

It is easy to get confused about foam density. It is true that the higher the density, the better the foam will perform, up to a point. It is generally accepted that foams higher than a 1.8 pound per cubic foot will last longer than those of less density. Keetsa utilizes around 3 pound per cubic foot density foams in its product manufacturing.

How is Keetsa green?

One of the best innovations of all time has been the Toyota Prius. It is affordable, durable and lessens our dependence on gas. Are there vehicles that use no petroleum? Of course, but many times they are not practical or affordable. Much is the same with Keetsa. Our products are less dependent on petroleum both in the manufacturing process and delivery process. We also utilize sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible. Much like the Prius, Keetsa is helping to redefine the industry and challenge how mattresses are manufactured, utilized, delivered and ultimately disposed of.

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