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Do you already own or have just purchased Keetsa mattress?
Show us your Keetsa and get a FREE pillow!
  STEP 1.

- Make a video sharing your Keetsa expereince.
- Mattress itself needs to be clearly visible.
- Share any story about your mattress unpacking process, shopping experience, comfort level, etc.
- If you're unsure about how to make the video, refer to the other customer's videos below or visit to our Youtube channel.
  STEP 2.

- Upload the video to your Youtube account.
- Fill out tags with Keetsa, Mattress and place of purchase.
- Designate the video for public viewing.

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  STEP 4.

- Send us below information to email addresss, contactus@keetsa.com.
- The link of the uploaded video. / Your name. / Place of purchase. / Name of the pillow you want to receive.
** Please note that only Keetsa brand pillow can be selected for this promotion.
- Address where the pillow should be shipped to. / Your phone number.

By sending us your video, you are agreeing to allow Keetsa to share your video on Keetsa.com, Facebook, Twitter and other public and social network media for promotional purposes.
   More fun videos from our customers at Keetsa Youtube Channel.
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   More fun videos from our customers at Keetsa Youtube Channel.
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